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Which do you think is better to buy as an investment right now…… or silver.?

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and why?


9 Responses to “Which do you think is better to buy as an investment right now…… or silver.?”
  1. PalmBayShane says:

    Buy Silver and move to Texas

  2. EconGuru says:

    as of 9/11 via bloomberg

    GOLD 100 OZ FUTR (USD/t oz.)price:1006.400up:9.600%change:0.96

    SILVER FUTURE (USD/t oz.)price:16.700up:0.030%change:0.18

    gold is rallying stronger. Go for it If you have the cash to invest, the patience to watch it, and the discipline to know when to get out

    if you have enough for gold. think of silver as a longer term buy and hold and try both.

    invest in commodities based on fed funds rate projections, recession and inflation indies.

  3. muncie birder says:

    I don’t know. There are arguments for either. Silver is kind of bulky. It takes a lot of safe deposit boxes to store any quantity at all. Whereas gold on the other hand allows you to cram a small fortune into a relatively small box. There is a current argument that silver is trading a such a discount to gold currently based on its historic ratio that it is a better buy. I don’t know that that is a valid argument since that historic ratio was sort of arbitrarily set. Certainly, there is a lot of interest in gold currently with about every government in the entire world printing money as fast as they can. It sort of makes one wonder why its price is so low.

    Why not get some of each, if you have the desire? There actually might come a time in the not too distant future when the only acceptable means of exchange might be gold and silver. If that time does come having 30 to 40 rolls of silver dimes and quarters on hand might come in very handy for smaller purchases. Also a 22 rifle and about 5000 to 10000 rounds for it. They will be worth perhaps as much as gold and silver.

  4. stiffy88 says:

    Either is a good buy to hedge against the market going down.I would buy silver because it is very under valued.It is used in industry a lot and they can not pull enough out of the ground to supply all the silver that is needed.It should trade over $100 an oz.Like anything it is manipulated.

  5. oxo_07 says:

    Gold always be # 1. Try to walk with so many gold jewelry in the street, I bet you will get robbed very easily, ha ha ha…

  6. Peter Jackson says:

    GOLD! Gold is shimmering and breathtaking to the eye!

  7. Tiny Dan says:


  8. Roken says:

    “From an investment perspective gold and silver has trodden a very similar upward path over the past five years, and the sudden recent correction and subsequent bounce has been well matched with a slightly sharper downturn for silver.”

    “And unlike paper money the central bankers of the world can not print more silver. The supply of this commodity expands in line with mining operations and not printing presses. It is therefore less prone to devaluation than paper money.

    In fact on the supply side there is a good argument for suggesting that silver is under more pressure than gold, as more silver is used in more industrial processes than gold and the stock is actually diminishing rather than rising steadily as in the case of gold.

    On the other hand, silver has never played the same quasi-monetary role in central banking that gold fulfills, and in any financial crisis it would probably be gold that gains the most in value.”

  9. pps p says:

    Buy the Gold till it reaches 1030$ per Ounce.

    Before that make sure:

    1.Stock Market is in Bullish Mode
    2.Dollar Plunges because of Risk appetite NOT because of anything else like deficit concerns or any rumors etc…..It should decrease only based on Risk appetite.

    Unless , both these conditions are satisfied, Keep the Gold till 1030 $ Target.

    Silver is also good for Industrials in addition to it’s Safe haven like it’s colleague Gold.

    I will Buy both .I will exit gold once it reaches 1030 mark.
    I do not have target price for silver.But, definitely, I will hold silver longer than gold .

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