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whats is a better investment??? Silver or Gold?

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I know gold has a higher value but i was wondering if it would be better to buy 100 dollars worth of gold or a thousand dollars worth of silver for a future investment????


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  1. Alfonso says:


  2. Soggy Waffles says:

    I’d buy gold first even if I didn’t like it’s ugly color, then I’d buy silver.

  3. Super Secret Someone says:

    Obviously the 1000 in silver would be better. Right now 100 bucks in gold would be a shave off a bar. Maybe you mean to say 1000 in gold…

    Either way, get the hard asset in your hand. Don’t do some on paper stocks deal when dealing with hard commodities.

  4. bhram says:

    Gold is always a good buy for longer run.Silver is also good but in comparision gold is best.
    Go for it.

  5. amatul says:

    if you believe in astrology do go for the thing that suits your reading the best because even if you invest what looks good for time being,in the long run if it is not compatible with your stars ,however hard you try you cannot make a fortune out of it.GOOD LUCK!!!

  6. Mark says:

    Neither silver nor gold are “investments”; they do not actually grow at all in terms of “buying power”, they simply conserve value (and they don’t even do that very well.)

    “Precious metals” are a hedge against inflation, NOT an investment. Had you purchased $20.67 worth of gold (one ounce) in the the year 1900, today it would be worth roughly $954. If you had bought $20.67 worth of stocks (Dow componenets) instead, today it would be worth roughly $18,675, or (had you reinvested all dividends) potentially three times that much.

  7. ronald k says:

    gold, it is an historic inflation hedge. But, an ounce of gold would have bought you a nice toga many years ago, now, a nice suit.

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