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Should I buy gold or silver for and investment?

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Should I buy gold or silver for and investment?

At this time or in the future would Gold or Silver be a good investment against inflation? Or should I invest in Oil?

If all of those are not good options at this time, where should I invest my money to protect myself against inflation?


5 Responses to “Should I buy gold or silver for and investment?”
  1. Your Holiness says:

    research Palladium..Platinum..Nickle….look at the last 6 month chart for symbol PAL
    I doubled my money

  2. nzboy22 says:

    i don’t a lot about silver, but the thing about gold is that it never looses it’s price and keeps on increasing.
    And if you are following the news closely, it’s been said that the price of Gold has risen to a record high of US$1000 per ounce.
    so i will say Gold.

  3. stephanie m says:

    Gold is VERY expensive right now. It has reached to a very high price, so if you have the money I would go for gold because I really doubt that the price will ever go down.

  4. mmsh says:

    Gold, silver and oil are risky right now because of their price.Plus they pay no interest.

    Cash deposits (CDs) are insured to 100k at most banks. They pay more interest than the inflation rate, so they fit your request. Check for best rates.

    Another idea are ibonds. These will increase in value if inflation increases. You can buy these from fed directly.
    If you prefer you can buy TIPS from Vanguard. The Vanguard TIPS fund has a yield of 2.40%, plus inflation protection.

    Also, if you want10-15% in stocks (which will rise over time), you can buy Vanguard’s total stock market index fund . all stocks in us market (5000+) are in the fund. So, the fund is very diversified. That means if a single stock goes down it will not hurt you.

    Here’s what i would do
    10-50% stocks (vanguard total market index)
    10-20% Int’l stock fund (vanguard int’l market index fund)
    10-30% TIPS or ibonds (from vanguard or treasury direct)
    10-50% CD’s (from a bank)

  5. David M says:

    Not gold, not silver. Both commodities have run up too much too quickly. Another thing about gold is that something north of 98% of all the gold ever mined is still out there in coins, bullion, industrial products that can be recycled and jewelry. Every year more gold is mined hence the supply of gold is always increasing. Oil on the other hand is a disappearing commodity. We burn up millions of barrels every day. As the eceonomies of India andhina continue to grow, so does our consumption of oil. And oil is more and more difficult to find. One day we will run out of oil. We will never run out of gold. And gold cannot fuel your car or heat your home. Invest in oil or oil stocks like I do and you’ll do well. I bought some gold stocks years ago when gold was trading below $350 an ounce. I sold them all off at a nice profit when it neared $1,000 an ounce. Buy low and sell high. Oil may seem high right now and it may go down, but long term it has a lot more upside than gold because we will run out one day. And when we do, that last barrel of oil will sell for a hell of a lot more than $100. Probably well over $1,000.

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