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Is Gold and Silver a good investment?

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Do you think Gold or Silver is a good investment? If so, which is better? I know that China just bought gold for their reserves or something which is why the gold value is up but do you think it will become greater in value in the following years like in about 10 years? 20 years or so? Or will it just go down?

If someone wanted to buy gold, is now the best time to buy as the value will rise higher or should he wait until the gold has devalued?
What’s a share market?


6 Responses to “Is Gold and Silver a good investment?”
  1. Hibernation says:

    Gold is the best for investment. at present the gold is on the higher side. The best time for investing in gold is when the share market is on the rise.

  2. Krishna says:

    Hi mate
    Investment in gold is better than investment in silver and price of gold never fall ya some times the fluctuation is there but overall you are going to benefit only. One more thing instead of investment in gold and silver investment in property is the best and if it is land its great becuause gold and silver are affected by depreciation but land never get devalued and by looking at the population exploitation this is the very best choice and option to invest.
    You never have tension of theft of land, you never have tension of depreciation nor market price. Plus the best advantage is you can give it on rent for agriculture so that you can get continuous income and that you can indirectly help your country and helping country means you are working for god.
    Have a nice day

  3. Lucy says:

    Gold is – silver is not.

  4. RatFink says:


  5. Wanyake says:

    Gold is the best investment so far. This is because the price has always been going higher and higher and doesn’t loose value quite so easily. This could be the best time to purchase this commodity because in a very short span of time the price will have risen and the profit will have been gained. So is silver though their appreciation rates vary quite greatly.

  6. dinu_pawar says:

    y both phy & future

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