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Investment grade silver coins and large diamond… How to sell?

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We have a shoebox full of investment grade silver dollars and one large diamond we bought MANY years ago for investment purposes. What is the best way to get them appraised and sell without getting ripped off?


2 Responses to “Investment grade silver coins and large diamond… How to sell?”
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  2. Ted says:

    You don’t want to get ripped off? that makes it hard. So much of the value of both depends on quality. That’s why coins and especially diamonds are such lousy investments. The dealer’s assessment of the quality will often chang a great deal depending on whether he’s descibing a coin/stone he’s selling or one he’s buying. (They can find all kinds of defects when they’re buying.)

    The coins, in order to get maximum value on ebay, need to be graded. That means sent to an independent coin grader, who will issue a rating and seal the coin in a plastic “slab”. You will pay a fee for this.

    The stone, you just have to take from jewler to jewler and ask for offers.

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