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How do you buy silver as an investment?

June 6, 2010 by  
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I would like to buy some gold and silver as an investment, but I don’t know where to start. Where would I go to buy some coins at a fair price, and what do i buy? mint? uncirculated coins? When I sell them, can I just exchange it for cash? thanks


3 Responses to “How do you buy silver as an investment?”
  1. MarcThyme says:

    Here is a graph of the inflation-adjusted price of silver for the last 600 years;

    What sane person would consider a purchase of silver (in ANY form) an “investment”? Aren’t investments supposed to GROW in value?

  2. b2fnow says:

    First you should deal with someone that quotes the current price.

    I’ve been dealing with for years without any problems. They have it all.


  3. brad says:

    I think the price is too high from here. Sadly, i had a short on slv in the high 18’s and my buy to cover was set for 18.02. i missed out on a lot of downside on my short. I’m assuming your looking for physical silver, as in ounce coins? i used to get one a year with my Dad when I was younger. Typically for 7-8$ each. Won’t buy at these levels.
    look for a local coin shop that offers competitive prices compared to the spot value of the given market. look to pay a little above the going rate for an oz of each.

    You could POSSIBLY sell them to a local coin shop for a discount to the given spot price. They are not that easy to just swap out for cash. the price and even what price someone want them for would hihgly fluctuate.

    I would keep an eye on gld or slv for the stock market, I wouldn’t buy the paper security though, for the price of physical. Although, selling the gld or slv would be easier online than a sale of physical, in my opinion.

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