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Why do you think silver is better investment over gold/platinum?

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Why do you think silver is better investment over gold/platinum?
Also, I know palladium is a good alternative to industrial platinum, but how to buy and take possession? its ugly and they dont make coins out of it!


4 Responses to “Why do you think silver is better investment over gold/platinum?”
  1. Renate says:

    I would not be buying any precious metals right now the rates are too high.

  2. USMCstingray says:

    easier to trade. Silver is only $14.00 an ounce. Whereas gold in over $600. And platinum is way more.
    So you can get into it cheaper, and make more $$$ in the longrun.

  3. Smiley says:

    If you don’t know – don’t, until you do.
    Sure its easier to get in – but what if it drops back to $5. Then what?

  4. Big R says:

    That’s like asking if it’s better to be hit over the head with a golf club or a steel pipe. Metals are a HORRIBLE investment. Fun to look at and to own.
    But NOT to be invested in. You don’t invest in metals. You speculate on their price fluctuations. Most of the time people who speculate on anything lose. In 1979 silver sold for 50 bucks an ounce. Hasn’t even topped 20 since then. Sold for under five bucks for a while. I recently heard an ad on the radio that said if you purchased an ounce of gold for 20 dollars in 1920 it would be worth about 600 today while the twenty dollar bill would still be worth only 20 dollars. True, assuming you left the bill in your wallet for 86 years. If you put the 20 in the bank and got 5% it would have grown to approximately 1300. If you put it in the stock market (yes I know about 1929) it would be worth well over 300,000. Gold bugs are great sales people and make a compelling case for their services. But history bears out what I’m saying. After you have a balanced investment portfolio you may want to add some metals as an infaltion hedge when the prices are low. Preferably in a fund that could easily be traded.
    If you lose money on your first investments that could put you off on investing for life. Bad mistake. Investing is fun and profitable if you learn the ropes. That’s my two cents. Of course the decision is yours. Best of luck.

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