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Should I invest in gold coins? Bullion or investment grade gold and silver coins?

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I am learning that bullion gold coins are simply the price of gold, at the moment, and that can change daily. I’m also learning that investment-grade gold and silver coins have a numismatic or rarity value.

Where is the very best place to buy the best investment gold coins at the very best prices? I have spoken with so many dealerships online that charge 28% markup on their investment spreads all the way up to 45% markup from the original cost of the coins.

Is there a place where I can save money thereby creating a faster return on my investment?

Which is the better investment, everyone looks at bullion when they think of gold, but I am learning more promising returns on the investment-grade gold and silver coins. Which is better, and why? This seems to be a huge discussion and I haven’t agreed with any of the answers posted on this site as of yet.


4 Responses to “Should I invest in gold coins? Bullion or investment grade gold and silver coins?”
  1. Judy says:

    Your state treasury office?
    I’ve heard you can just walk into the that state building and buy gold coins.

  2. NY has spoken says:

    NO do not invest in bullion gold coins. They just have cotting of gold. and are not worth enough when you start to sell them. Rather buy and invest in real gold.


  3. wisegirl74 says:

    No, just save your money.

  4. Joanne Goldstein says:

    I have been researching this for the past few years since I realized our dollar was falling and gold counteracts the dollar. I have probably spoken with every firm out there, large and small. Most large firms will advertise the lowest prices, when they are actually charging you as much as 40 to 45% in the markup of their coins that they refer to as investment spreads. Goldline is one of them. They charge over 40%. Steer clear of Goldline and Swiss America and Blanchard, and most of the larger investment firms. Swiss America charges 28% but claims they are the lowest and their company is run by a known criminal if you do some research. They all are criminals when they charge so much, if you ask me.

    Gold is such a diverse market. Everyone you speak to will have a different opinion. Especially calling the large firms that have forty brokers – you never know if you’re going to get one that only has six months experience, and they sure lie through their teeth… but the bottom line is they don’t know anything. That’s what really gets me.

    Then you have savvy investors, like yourself, who ask all the right questions and do some research before diving in. That’s precisely what I did. Like I said, I spoke with so many people and got so many stories, I can’t tell you what a relief it is to finally speak with an expert who actually knows what he is talking about.

    I would recommend not wasting your time or money until you find the right person who you know in your heart of hearts is guiding you in the right direction. I found a company who will save you a ton of money on investment spreads and, at the same time, give you all the right information. Their name says it all. Superior Discount Coins. It seems to me that they have single-handedly created a niche market by saving people like us a ton of money in investment spreads while selling you the products you are looking for that will give you privacy and the most profit of all the gold investments out there.

    Don’t take my word for it. Contact them directly and see for yourself that all your questions will be answered in an easy to understand way, and as you come up with more questions, this guy will be able to sit down with you and answer them for you, giving you more insight than you can find in six months over the internet in one conversation. But, like I said, don’t take my word for it. Speak to him yourself and you’ll see what I mean. The owner of the company is Jim Burg, and he even encourages you to get recommendations and quotes from other dealers, so that you can see the difference in pricing, etc., first hand. I did what he told me to do and spoke with tons of people, but only wasted my time before I got back to him.

    You can search the Internet yourself and try to find the answers, or you can call him directly like I did. Call several firms that make promises over the Internet and you will find that he is the only one who actually backs his promises up in real time. Most other brokers don’t even know what their web sites state, which has been my experience. I’ll review sites and call, and no one even knows what page I am referring to.

    Anyway, you have some great questions. I won’t attempt to answer them for you, by experience, knowing you should speak with the expert I’m referring to yourself. Don’t get caught up paying high prices to gain a faster or higher return on your investment, get the best possible coins at the best possible prices that will provide you with the most profit for the least amount of money. That’s my bottom line, and that’s why I would recommend you call this person yourself. I don’t have his number handy, but you can search him over the Internet and call him directly. He forwards his calls when he is not at his desk, so you can call him at any time. If he’s on the other line, just leave a message because he will always get back to you. And, because he is the one running the show, so to speak, he can beat anyone’s prices out there, and he guarantees it so there is no harm done or time wasted in making the call.

    I did my research, spoke with all of the firms, ordered their shiny brochures, and made my decision, which is why I make my personal recommendations above. I hope this helps the average or novice investor as well as those seeking to find the right answers, such as yourself, which is where I was just a few years ago.

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