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Need feedback re: gold/silver coins.?

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I’m buying $10K in gold/silver coins by tomorrow: 4 Gold British Sovereign for $289. and five Walking Liberty MS 62 for $5,063.45 plus 500 walking liberty Silver 1/2 dollar coins. Does anyone know if this may be a good investment now? I don’t need this money now and can wait for it to go up, as all the metals news indicate.


4 Responses to “Need feedback re: gold/silver coins.?”
  1. betotron says:

    buy gld and save storage/delivery expenses

  2. SoccerRefToo says:


    If you do not know if this is a good investment WHY are you making it? I can think of several other good reason why not to get involved…. but, none more important than the first one!


  3. ishootbirds2 says:

    buy it low, when the dollar is doing well. with $10k you can see the difference up to 1-3 pounds just because of a $2 difference in silver. For whatever reasons, don;t buy it high. you will lose loads of money (actual # of dollars) the vale will stay the same however. That means if you buy when the dollar is worthless you will get a bad deal.

    Mint bullion coins bought as bullion is slightly more expensive than junk silver (silver change) or silver bars. generally the costs will go down the heavier each piece you buy. so the 1/2 oz round costs more than 1 oz round, and the 1 oz round costs more than the 2 oz round.

    right now, considering i just bought a bunch of silver recently (4 weeks ago0 at an average of$14.93 an ounce and its now around $17.80, right now is not a good time. if it goes down buy silver. if it goes up don;t buy anything until it comes back down.

  4. exactduke says:

    I don’t think this is a great investment. Personally I wouldn’t be too surprised if gold and/or silver were near their peaks. And I say this as someone who has a handfull of Krugerrands, & 100 Morgan silver dollars.

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