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How do silver and gold bullion coins come packaged?

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I’m thinking about buying some silver bullion coins for investments (go along with savings and mutual funds) and generally just for the idea of having some coins that would have some worth to them either now or in the future. I want to buy gold bullion coins as well but I’m going to wait out that to see how the US economy continues and if the price of gold is going to drop or not. Not in any rush, in my early 20s. Also silver fits more into my budget after I take care other other things, student loans, and put away money in savings.

I’ve been looking at as a place to buy from but I’m wondering in general how are silver and gold bullion coins packaged when you buy them?

Are they simply sent in packaging and you can touch them with your hand or are they perhaps encased in plastic that you might be able to open if you want? Or is that something you have to buy yourself? Here is an example of what I’m referring to.

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3 Responses to “How do silver and gold bullion coins come packaged?”
  1. muncie birder says:

    The ones I purchased came in plastic tubes with screw on tops. (the silver 1 oz) 20 to a tube. The 1 oz gold if you buy them singly come however the firm chooses to package them. Sometimes in a plain manila envelope about the size of the coin. Sometimes in a plastic envelope.

  2. just a thought... says:

    We had some and they were in plastic envelopes that you could open and take the coin out. You are buying them for the value of the metal, not because it is a rare coin, so it does not matter if they get scratched. I cannot open your link, but I am sure you can buy collector’s coin packaging that looks nice if you would like. Look for a coin collector shop and they will have it.

  3. Rain L says:

    What you can do is go to ebay and looking for the american eagle silver proof coins. They come in a nice box and everything from the mint.. Check it out… Hope this helps.

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