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Buy Silver Bullion Coins Under Spot With Junk Silver Coins

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How would you like to buy silver bullion coins at a discount?

I’m going to tell you about a certain type of coins that you can purchase under the spot price of silver.

Yep. Below cost.

The type of silver bullion that I’m referring to are 90% silver coin bags or junk silver coins.

You’ll often hear 90% silver coin bags referred to as junk silver bags. They aren’t really junk, though. This term is simply used to describe a bag of circulated silver coins in average condition. These coins are really only valued for their silver content, not their collectible value.

Junk silver bags contain coins that were struck in 1964 or earlier, such as the silver Kennedy half dollars, Roosevelt dimes, and Washington quarters. They are comprised of 90% silver. After 1964, the amount of silver contained in coins was reduced to 40%.

Here’s the neat part – the 90% silver bags containing dimes or quarters can be purchased through some dealers for as much as 1% under spot! It’s like getting silver on sale! How cool is that?

Yes, the coins will look worn, have nicks, scratches, and show their 40-plus year-old- age. However, keep in mind, it’s what inside that counts. And these ‘junk silver’ coins will usually still contain over 99 percent of their silver content.

So which would you rather have? A newly-minted, pristine American Silver Eagle that costs 9% (at current prices) over spot? Or a bag of 90% silver coins that you can buy for 1% under spot? If you buy the bags, you can get 10% more silver! Amazing, huh?

You can purchase junk silver coins very easily online from any of the larger, reputable dealers or from your local coin shop in various sizes and denominations. Or, you can try one of the popular online auctions sites for even greater savings.

Right now, you can find junk silver coins below spot, with free shipping at:

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