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Buy Bullion for a Golden Future – Investing in Gold and Silver Bullion

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If you’ve though about buying gold bars lately, you’re far from alone. Investing in precious metals such as gold bullion and silver bullion is the smart investment of choice for savvy investors worried about the value of their traditional investments.

With the economy in a tailspin the threat of inflation looming down the line, the thought of one’s savings being eroded is a frightening one. When the world becomes a more uncertain place, there’s a need to hold ones wealth in tangible assets such as precious metals. Currencies have come and gone over millennia but gold and silver are as much solid measures of value today as they were in Roman times.

In a word, gold in today’s economy represents security. With governments creating money out of thin air to fund deficits, the future value of our currencies is at risk. Gold, on the other hand, retains its buying power over time. It also has intrinsic value and has no counter party risk. This means that whatever happens to the financial system, gold will retain its value throughout the world.

You can invest in gold in a slew of ways – everything from buying mining stocks to gold coins. But for sheer economic efficiency, nothing beat buying gold bars and keeping them yourself. Gold jewellery and coins both have significant mark ups on the gold price to cover craftsmanship. Also for jewellery and some coins, the purity of the gold content may need to be assayed before it can be sold. This makes the items less liquid.

Gold bullion, on the other hand, is the most guaranteed and thus most liquid form of gold. Once you buy gold bars, you have an investment that will withstand the ravages of inflation and bring unequalled value to your portfolio.

When it comes to acquiring bullion bars for investment, you can also choose silver bullion. Many investment pundits agree that silver is ready for a boom of its own. This means that adding silver bullion bars to your portfolio is a smart move.

Silver shares many of gold’s desirable characteristics – it’s durable, divisible, malleable, ductile and attractive. Silver jewellery is second only to gold in popularity. However one way in which silver differs from gold is in its industrial and medical applications. This is due to its unique electrical and thermal conductivity, its reflective properties, and its ability to withstand extremes of temperature.

To give just one example, almost all electrical switches, from batteries to computer circuit boards, now use silver-based solder. This means production of all iPods, microwaves, laptops, and you name it, need silver. Almost half the world’s annual silver output is taken up by the electronics industry.

It’s important to remember that precious metals used this way are gone forever. In fact it’s estimated that over 95% of all the silver ever mined throughout history has already been consumed by industry. What all this means is that there will be a continuing increase in demand for silver while the supply is limited – all the conditions you need for a continual rise in price.

This means you have the option of diversifying your investment portfolio even further by adding silver bars. As the price of silver is far lower than gold at the moment, you can get into the silver market with a minimal investment.

You can buy pure .999 fine silver bullion in a range of sizes including 100 gram, 250 gram, 500 gram, one kilo or 5 kilo silver bullion bars

The fact is that where gold goes, silver always follows. It’s logical, really, that two precious metals that share so many characteristics should move in tandem. Buying gold and silver bullion means your investments are safe whatever governments do.

Gold and silver are precious metals that have never lost their luster though they’ve been around since ancient times. And they’ve never been more relevant than in today’s world of exotic financial instruments and quantitative easing.

If you’ve decided to join the savvy investors and buy gold and silver bullion, the smartest way to do it in the UK is through online dealers who deliver you purchases via insured Royal Mail. You buy at spot prices in real time and your purchase will be delivered the next day.

Michiel Van Kets writes articles for Bullion by Post which is part of Jewellery Quarter Bullion Limited, the company offers private UK investors the opportunity to buy gold bullion bars at trade prices. All gold bullion bars are brand new and manufactured by London Bullion Market Association approved refiners. The company provides the lowest margins in the UK, buy gold bars at real time spot based pricing and real-time stock availability.

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