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Silver Investing Vs Gold Investing-How Silver Might Exceed $400/oz

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So what is a better investment gold or silver? Many people might say gold but to tell you the truth silver can rise ten times higher as compared to gold. Many analysts are of the opinion that silver prices can rise as high as $400/oz in the next few months.

First, let’s discuss some historical performance of gold vs silver. Between 1970 and 1980, gold prices increased from the Bretton Woods fixed price of $35 per ounce to an unprecedented $850/oz. This was an increase of 2,329% in ten years.

During the same decade between 1970 and 1980, silver prices rose from $1.5 per ounce to almost $50 per ounce. This was an increase of 3,233%.Right now, silver prices are hovering in the range of $17 per ounce. Just imagine, silver prices skyrocketing to around $400 per ounce in the next few months. This will be an unprecedented gain of over 2,000%. So don’t miss this chance of investing in silver right now!

Now, let me explain why this unprecedented rise in silver prices might happen. You see as compared to gold, silver has far more industrial applications. As the global economy starts to expand again in this year, the demand for many industrial products will grow. Silver like gold is available only in limited quantity. So you can well imagine what happens when the demand rises but supply does not!

This increase in demand for silver will be caused by the increased demand for consumer products by the consumers all over the world. The industries producing that products will drive the price of silver skyhigh. Silver and copper are the best conductors of electricity. Jsut take a look around your house. You will be surprise to know that there’s silver in every TV, washing machine, wall switch and refrigerator. Conductors, switches, contracts and fuses use silver because it does not corrode or cause overheating and fires.

Silver is used heavily in photography and in prints. With the rise of digital photography the use of silver in photography might decrease. However, new and exotic uses for silver are expanding. So you will continue to see the use of silver in a wide range of products and industries.

Now, take a look at your computer, every computer, server, monitor, cell phone and switch has silver. Lasers, satellites, high-tech weaponry and robotics, all require silver. Digital technology and telecommunications need silver.

A new double layer of silver on glass is sweeping the window market, as it reflects away almost 95% of the hot rays of the sun. A new electronic application for “smart tags” that are replacing bar codes could use significant quantities of silver.

Silver achieves the most brilliant polish of any metal and is the best reflector of light, allowing it to be used in mirrors and in coatings for glass, cellophane or metals. Chemical reactions can be significantly increased by adding silver. Approximately 700 tons of silver are in continuous use in the world’s chemical industry for the production of plastics.

Batteries are now manufactured with silver alloys. Lead-free silver solder is used heavily for joining materials and producing leak-tight joints. Silver is also widely used in silk-screened circuit paths, membrane switches, electrically heated automobile windows, and adhesives. Silver has a variety of uses in pharmaceuticals. Silver sulfadiazine is the most powerful compound for burn treatment. Catheters impregnated with silver eliminate bacteria. Silver is increasingly being tapped for its bactericidal properties and water purification. In the face of all these industrial uses there is less silver available. Silver has ten times more potential to skyrocket as compared to gold!

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