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Finding Some Silver Coins for your Collection

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Silver Coins are fun to share and collect. Coins are a part of our lives since medieval times. The oldest world coins were believed to originate from Lydia , and this coin was said to be made out of valuable metal like gold and silver.

Silver coins are very valuable coins as the metal used in them being silver has high market value.

Silver coins are non debatably the oldest form of coins originated. Greeks were known for their silver coins ,known as Drachmas.

The Denarius and the Miliarense are also some of the well known silver coins. Greeks are some of the few civilizations who used Silver metal for their currency coins.For the last 2500years silver coins have been a favorite of coin collectors .Kings Rich aristocrats were known to collect precious metal coins namely gold and silver coins.

World Money Museum is said to house the maximum umber of rare and old silver coins.

Silver coins are said to be originated from Greece which still houses some of the oldest and rarest of Silver coins to be seen.

Some of America’s popular and rare Silver coins are the Morgan Silver Dollar ,Peace Silver Dollar and the Buffalo Commemorative Silver Dollar.

Some of the rare Worlds Silver coins are the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf ,Chinese Silver Panda ,British Silver Britannia.Gold and Silver metals for currency coins was stopped in 1933,after which coins made out of valuable metals were only bought as investments.

The market value of Silver coins depends on the market rate of the silver metal on that particular day. As the economy fluctuates the market value of silver metal too fluctuates ,so the price of a silver coin can never be fixed.

Rare silver coins are priced on different norms ,the factors that determine the price of a rare silver coin will be the uniqueness the condition the age the mint mark.

Silver Bullion coins are to famous among investors who, are interested to secure them as a safe means of investment.

XAG is the symbol for Silver international currency under ISO 4217.

Silver Bullion Coins which have the maximum demand with collectors are the –

American Silver Eagle

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

Australian Silver Kookaburra

British Silver Britannia

Chinese Silver Panda

Mexican Silver Liberatad

Silver Bullion coins which have less demand are the-

New Zealand Silver Kiwi

Isle of Man Silver Cats

Zambia Silver Elephant

Gibralter Silver Dogs

Russian Sable

Silver Coins – -find some for your colleciotn!

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