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What is the best investment GOLD, SILVER?

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What else?


10 Responses to “What is the best investment GOLD, SILVER?”
  1. Patricia Sonia says:

    Silver is the best, check out the stock market…

  2. mopargirl says:

    Gold for sure!!

  3. de-coder says:

    Word of God is the best investment ever.

  4. Pinky Lee says:

    Burger King is your stock market homie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Father Knows Best says:

    Silver because it used by electronics and not just jewelry… A commodity that is consumed by industry will continue to be needed and based on industrial demand could rise in price more than gold.

  6. G-Bear says:

    Which would you rather have..right now…..

    10 pounds of Silver…


    10 pounds of Gold

    [answer quickly…]

  7. greeneyeddevil says:

    Run AWAY from precious metals right now. Seriously, the end of the interest rate hike cycle is drawing near. Don’t hold gold, don’t hold platinum, don’t hold silver.

    Run Forrest, RUNNNN!!!!

  8. cpnkg1 says:

    Gold is very high right now and it would be a very wize investment for one quarter.

  9. Peter Mrakic says:

    Gold for 10,000 years you can and could use to buy food or any -thing you need-go to my web-site-http://www.mrakicgold.com and see why the overprinted dollar will drop to $.75 cents and gold willrise to $2,000-$5,000 per ounce.E-mail me in 24 months and if gold does not double I will send you on an all expenses trip anywhere in the world free on my company!!!Silver will not do as well as gold is used in everthing to computers to new medical technology!The central banks have been controling the price of gold for many years but do not have enough in the vaults for the demand from China and India-over 2 .5 Billion people!

  10. sixty8causeuoweme1 says:

    gold is the best investment you could make and keeps going up.

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