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What’s the best investment, american eagle gold, silver, or platinum?

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Which will appreciate the most in the next 10 years or so?


5 Responses to “What’s the best investment, american eagle gold, silver, or platinum?”
  1. Rick B says:

    none!! Don’t buy coins, buy MUTUAL FUNDS!!!

  2. trancevanbuuren says:

    They pretty much appreciate together as the market has periods of flight to quality and flight to equites, (the booms and busts)…

    Or industrial use. I’de buy silver because it is the cheapest of the precious metals and likely to continue it’s long-term uptrend. Supplies will tighten in the future as there are less and less mines to dig from. I recommend buying 1800’s silver morgan’s, as they are relatively cheap. A little more than silver eagle coins, but the collector’s factor is strong with it. There is a fixed quantity of these morgan’s, and they are gradually becoming rarer and rarer. I’m holding several, and expect them to appreciate substantially in the next 10-20 years.

    Other than safe stores of value, precious metals are long-term investments, if they are bought as investments, rather than stores of value. So don’t expect anything to happen overnight or even within a year… If you want that, go with stock equity, and more specifically, if you’re interested in precious metals, go with precious metal mining and the basic materials sectors. Companies like FCX, MT..

  3. Alexander Li says:

    I like mutural funds. If you have spare time in a week, you had better hold some LOF funds too.

  4. CHARLES R says:

    If you’re looking to add gold bullion to your portfolio I’d urge you to also consider Canadian Maple Leafs.

    Comparing a Maple Leaf to an Eagle, the maple leaf is 99.99% solid gold. The Eagle has alloys in it to make it harder, consequently is only something like 91.67% pure gold

    All three metals are near all time highs, so I’m not sure if its the best time to buy now. Though I just bought a couple of 1/10oz coins for the sake of havng gold around in the event I actually needed it.

  5. farfel says:

    of the metals, i’d also say silver, because of its relative cheapness, its industrial use and the relatively high gold/silver price ratio right now.

    but you might want to play platinum if you think it will still be indispensable as more and more cars are built in China. but at some point platinum may become too expensive and replaced by palladium.

    i think everyone should have roughly 10% of one’s wealth and/or convert the same of one’s income to gold and silver as a sort of “wealth insurance” or “golden anchor”, just in case things really break down.

    for physical gold my choice is Krugerrands, because you can usually buy them at the lowest premiums. for silver i have both Maple Leafs and Eagles. they’re both the same as far as the silver is concerned, but i do tend to favor the Maple Leafs if only because they have a $5 Canadian face value while the Eagle is valued at only US$1. whether this will make any practical difference in the future is anyone’s guess.

    i don’t hold much in the way of “junk silver”, i.e., Morgan/Peace Dollars, Kennedy Halves, Washington Quarters, and the like, because right now dealers will pay you only a very deep discount. go to a major dealer or look at craigslist dealer ads and you will see offers between 5 and 8 times face value, while the actual silver value is around 10 and will sell to you at 10. the collector market is also fickle, and it may be a while before junk silver could command a buy premium from a dealer.

    as for mutual funds, you have to choose the right one. there are only a few i would even consider. you might be better off buying something like BRK.B, which is really like a closed end fund that seems to do well in any economy…

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