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Are american silver eagles an ok investment?

June 7, 2010 by  
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Are american silver eagles an ok investment? I also like the idea of collecting coins so are there any old silver coins that wouldn’t run too much above the spot price of silver?


3 Responses to “Are american silver eagles an ok investment?”
  1. BenGraham says:

    The worst investment is anything Cash. Since the silver eagle coin is cash, it does not make for a good investment.

  2. exactduke says:

    You will pay over double spot for these Eagles. So no, I don’t think they are that great an investment.
    I collect Morgan (silver) dollars. These will run you 20 – 40 dollars for the more common ones. And 50 – 500 for scarcer coins. You could probably get Peace dollars somewhat cheaper than this. Maybe 20 – 30 dollars each.

  3. ThinKabootit says:

    Silver is NOT an “investment”, it is a hobby or nice jewelry; an “investment” would grow in value, silver has done nothing but decline in actual value for over 600 years!

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