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Popular American Silver Dollars

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American Silver Dollars have been around almost since the beginning of time – or at least back to the 1700s! Each time a different coin was struck, it was usually symbolic for some part of our country or to commemorate someone or something special. Coin collectors can have a field day looking for the numerous different silver dollars that have been designed through the years. Although it would be great if we could get our hands on a collection of all the American Silver Dollars ever made but this would be very difficult if not impossible. However, knowing what some of the more popular American Silver Dollars are can give new collectors a general idea of what they can look for.

American Silver Dollar Eagle

This coin is an official silver bullion coin that has been seen throughout the United States for many years. It was first released to the public in 1986. It is a denomination of one Silver dollar and struck with 1 troy ounce, guaranteeing the coin to be .999 pure silver. The creation of this coin came from the authorization of the United States Congress. This coin has been produced in San Francisco, Philadelphia and West Point, New York. The front of this coin has Liberty walking while the back displays a huge eagle with a shield in front of it and thirteen stars above its head. The American Silver Dollar Eagle is used to fund Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA).

Morgan Silver Dollar

Few coins have been as popular and highly valued by the public and coin collectors as the Morgan Silver Dollar. From 1878 to 1904, the Morgan Silver Dollars could be seen in the hands of many. Several years went by until they resumed minting the Morgan for one year in 1921. This beautiful coin earned its name from George T. Morgan, the designer responsible for the front and back of the coin. In fact, his monogram is on the back side of the coin near Liberty\’s neck. Morgan silver dollars are made with 0,77344 troy ounces of silver per dollar. Although there were many Morgan silver dollars floating around, few of them were from Carson City, making them somewhat rare and very much sought after. When it comes to American Silver Dollars, the Morgan Silver Dollar still is the dollar that seems to interest the public the most.

Peace Silver Dollar

The Peace Silver Dollar is another of the popular American Silver dollars that have interested collectors and the public in general since it first was introduced in 1921. The Peace Silver Dollar took over for the Morgan Silver Dollar when its production was halted. What made this dollar special to the world was that it was a commemorative coin to celebrate the end of World War I. The designer of this coin was Anthony de Francisci. The Peace Dollar was minted from 1921 to 1928, then again in 1934 and 1935 and for a short time in 1965. The front of this coin has the bust of Lady Liberty with an eagle on the back. The words PEACE are on the bottom of the reverse of the coin.

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