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American Silver Eagle Coins ? A Smart Investment

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American Silver Eagle Coins are one of the most popular and best ways to invest in silver. They also make great keepsakes and gifts. These are considered to be the most beautiful of the silver coins ever minted in the history of United States of America.

Minted since 1986, it is the United State Mint’s Dollar coin minted specially for silver bullion for collectors. This paved the way for commercial success of silver and gold bullion coins that were sold to the public. These are deemed as the official silver bullion of the USA because of the purity, content, and actual weight. There are several investors and bullion collectors across the globe interested in the American Silver Eagle coins.

Design of American Silver Eagle Coins:

The silver proof coin has an Adolph A. Weinman’s full-length figure of Liberty on its obverse side. The Liberty is enveloped completely in the U.S. Flag with her right hand extended while her left hand holds branches of laurel and oak. The coins reverse side has a heraldic eagle with a shield. The right talon has an olive branch while the left holds arrows. This was specially designed by the United States Mint engraver John Mercanti. This in short portrays the stand of United States over the world conditions.

The U.S. mint restarted issuing Silver Proof Sets in 1992. This continues till date mainly because of its popularity. Silver Proof Set collections are easy to collect is one is planning to start a collection. The specifications indicate that the American Eagle Silver Proof Coin has a purity of 99.9%. The face value of the one ounce coin is 1 dollar. The dimensions are marked at 1.598 inches in diameter. The coin weighs around 1.0000 troy ounces and contains around 0.999 silver troy ounces. These are constant favorites among the collectors and are available in plenty until the next release. 1987 was the first year of mint of a Silver Proof.

Tips for Potential American Silver Eagle Coin Investments:

1. The largest portion of the value in the coin is the silver content, so focus on quanity instead of buying mint condition coins which are graded by PCGS and NGC. These coins will be the backbone of your silver coin portfolio and help you in a better way and this will help you to keep readily liquidated silver bullion coins.

2. If you buy a sealed mint box you may be lucky enough to find some mint condition coins for free, which you may be able to resell for a higher price.

3. Check the date of the coin and see how many were minted in that year. Some coins are given an extra premium due to low availability.

4. Compare the coin’s premium over the price of silver. The premium can fluctuate, especially when the coins are in high demand.

The American Silver Eagle is hard to come by and collectors are on constant look out for these coins. No matter how much you invest in American silver eagle coins, it is easy to buy in small or large quantities at a site such as to build and fortify your precious metals portfolio. provides an easy way to buy or sell precious metals and facilitates real-time precious metals trading at the lowest possible price.

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