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American Silver Coins – American Eagle Silver

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You have a wide range of American silver coins to choose from but it all had to start somewhere. Following the success of the popular American Eagle gold coin, the U.S.A became the first country to release a one ounce silver bullion coin in 1986 which has since gone on to become the most popular bullion coin in the entire world!


Selling over 70 million American Eagles to collectors and investors is no small feat. The popularity of the American silver coin again boils down to the fact that it is of a beautiful design, with Lady Liberty on the obverse in front of a rising sun and an eagle on the reverse spreading his wings with a shield on his chest.


Couple this with the fact that it has a quality guarantee from the U.S government and it’s cheaper than the gold counterpart, it becomes easy to see why these American silver coins perform as they do..


There are other limited edition American silver coins with colored versions that depict the 4 seasons. While the reverse imprint stayed the same (Eagle), the obverse side with Lady Liberty showed her in different colours depending on the seasons and symbols of the season next to her. Such as autumn leaves and winter snowflakes. These were released in 2001 and are highly sought amongst coin collectors.


Other American silver coins pre-1965 were minted with 90% silver and 10% copper. These are also available for investing in and are readily available in circulation.


These type of coins are dimes, quarters or half-dollars and are normally sold in “bags” – Bags normally have a value of 1000 dollars but you may have the option of buying half bags, quarter bags or 1/10th bags respectively. ($500, $250 and $100)


The different types of these silver coins available are listed below :




Roosevelt Type 1946-1964

Mercury Type 1916-1945

Barber Type 1892-191




Washington Type 1932-1964

Standing Liberty 1916-1930

Barber or Liberty Head 1892-1916




Kennedy Type 1964

Franklin Type 1948-1963

Walking Liberty 1916-1947

Barber or Liberty Head 1892-1915



You can obtain American silver coins from a multitude or places and your success rate will depend on how scarce the coin you are looking for actually is. You can take a look at your local coin dealer or better yet, go online where you have the convenience of having all of the dealers at your fingertips. The one I’d most recommend for your American silver coins is – They carry a good variety of silver coins but also hold auctions which means that you have a high likelihood of getting a great price on the American silver coins that you want.


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