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How Much is a Washington 1964 Silver Quarter Value Worth in Dollars?

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The US Washington 1964  Silver Quarter coin was minted before 1965. The 1964 Silver Quarter coin, Roosevelt dime coin, Kennedy half coin and Peace Dollar coin, all these coins contain 90% silver. Yet, sadly the Peace dollar does not exist any more because they were sent back for melt down before they hit the streets. But that’s a story for another day. The nickel has about 35% silver content and the penny was most often copper.

People will invest in silver and gold bullion when they are in times of economic trouble like butter on bread as a hedge to fight against inflation. The price of a 1 oz silver bullion eagle will cost you about 20 – 30 dollars at today’s prices. These silver bullion coins might be out of your price range.

This is where the silver quarter coins minted 1964 and before, could be a good alternative to the full 1 oz bullion coins and bars. The value and worth of these silver quarter coins can be bought for about $2.50 – $3 a piece at today’s prices.  The price will vary with the spot price, as we head into 2010. The silver quarters are generally lower priced than bullion coins, and are fractionally smaller making them more affordable.

It is getting harder by the day to find 1964 silver quarter coin, dime coin,  half dollar coin, and dollar coins in circulation today. People  like myself search for these silver coins. The automatic sorting machines suck out the rest of the silver coins, even nickel coins get sucked up and melted for profitable gains.  Yet still it should not stop one from looking for them little gems. I can spot them pretty fast now that I have looked for the silver coins for years.  At this time, I do pick up the odd silver coin but because I live in Canada it is a little easer to find a Canadian pre 1968 silver coin than it would be to find a 1964 quarter and older coin. It can be fun to spot and find a silver quarter, from change because the tiller did not know that they just gave you 3 dollars in change instead of 25 cents.

Pre 1964 silver quarter coins are collectible and somewhat still cheap.

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