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Is gold/silver a good investment?

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6 Responses to “Is gold/silver a good investment?”
  1. Matthew b says:

    i would have to say no because the value is always changing.

  2. Spock (rhp) says:

    they’re both had a tremendous bull run, so my guess would be that the big opportunity in them is past.

    the idea is to buy low and sell high. buying high and selling higher only works as long as there are buyers in the future at the higher price — lots of real estate speculators are currently relearning this lesson.

  3. oracle says:

    It was good in August …

  4. John M says:

    gold will always have valve, but silver is not worth a lot and is not used in trading, so not a good buy.

    You will make more money in a CD rolling it over ever year if you buy one for each week you work at the rate of 125.00 a week. it returns about 2500.00 a month in in interest to you in 20 years.

  5. Inflames says:

    There is a much larger amount of silver than gold. That makes it harder for silver to cornered and monopolized. On that note I would go for silver.
    Just my thoughts though.. :)

  6. Billionaire's CFO says:

    The short answer is no.

    Gold and silver are primarily hedging tools meaning their used by companies and investors as a form of insurance in times of down markets. The only times it took off was in the early 80’s when the Hunt brothers tried to corner the market which was illegal, and recently in response to global concern with oil and gas. Over the long term gold and silver follow inflation and are not to be used as investments on their own but in combination with other investment tools. Professional commodities traders can make good money dealing in gold and silver but they are working with tens of millions of dollars at a time.

    The best example to illustrate gold and silver is:

    1oz of gold, 100 years ago, bought you a really good suit. 1oz of gold today buys you a really good suit.

    They generally hold their value but I think gold and silver are inflated right now and will correct back down to normal inflation rates at which time you would experience a loss.

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