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Is gold and silver a really good investment now that it is at it’s highest value in the last 30 years?

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14 Responses to “Is gold and silver a really good investment now that it is at it’s highest value in the last 30 years?”
  1. Son of Brunhilde says:


  2. magoodfellow says:

    I think that the gold prices will continue to rise.

  3. Thomas F says:

    Buy low, sell high. Historically speaking, now would be the time to sell off your metals holdings. Unless you know of impending shortages…

  4. Katie M says:

    I wouldn’t recommend it…..you should buy it when it’s down…not when it’s at its highest.

  5. Nosy Parker says:

    From what I hear, the answer is no. The values on precious metals fluctuate too much to make them good investments.

  6. Kevlar says:

    Gold isn’t at it’s highest…. three or so weeks ago it was above $700….however, yeah.. I’d buy gold right now because it’s around $580 and it’s going to go back up.. so I’d invest in it… but silver…. no… 35-40 years ago.. silver was 3-5 times where it is now… and it will never see those levels again in our lifetime… so, I’d stay away from silver

  7. Dax says:

    Commodity prices are high in general right now. It is not mere speculation. Demand is rising worldwide. think of how many more people buy Gold for jewelry. There are more people. There are more people that can afford it. The amount of gold being added in supply is very small compared to the total gold out there.

    Also world uncertainty is very high. Gold is looked to as a safe-haven from volatile currencies and during times of inflation.

    It should hit $800. It may take 2 yrs to do so, but I suspect it will get there.

    **I own both Gold and Silver right now (gold coins, GDX, and SLV etf’s that you can purchase)

  8. mallard guy says:

    I have always been told to buy at a low price and then SELL when it is high…… I’d be reluctant to buy anything when it is at its high point……..
    but some people still think it is a good investment…… but it sure has a long way to go down

  9. osu_otter says:

    right now you should buy silver. the metals market moves in a cyclical motion gold is on top now and silver is relatively cheap so buy up silver and you can earn 2 to 5 hundred % in 5 to 10 years.

  10. NC says:

    Highly unlikely. Speculators are buying gold in hopes it is going up. When they run out of money, gold price will drop spectacularly…

  11. Frank Castle says:

    You are supposed to buy low and sell high not buy high and sell higher.

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  12. Flush says:

    Gold has a terrible track record as an investment. In the last hundred years (which included 2 world wars and multiple depressions), gold did much worse than bonds, stocks, real-estate.

    People tend to get emotional when talking about gold. Many irrational arguments can be heard (the dollar will collapse etc…). Gold-fever! The current mania could push prices higher in the short term, but eventually, gold will go back to its historical trend which is: underperform just about all other forms of investment.

  13. GC says:

    No. It needs to settle back down a bit (mid 500’s maybe) then yes.

  14. Jill B says:

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