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Do you own gold or silver as an investment? Why, and why not?

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Best explanation for why you own gold will get the Best Answer.
I only learned about gold/silver as an investment in 2005, and had started accumulating physical bullion little by little, as well as buying gold/silver mining shares. My investments have only recently started showing significant gains (i.e., double-digit).


6 Responses to “Do you own gold or silver as an investment? Why, and why not?”
  1. EZ Traders says:

    The simplest answer may not be the best, but I have gold futures right now because the price of gold is going up, and that is reason enough.

  2. Bliss says:

    gold is best, coz china is secretly converting all its dollar reserves in to Gold…so its going to go up & the opposite is going to happen to the dollar.

  3. beesting says:

    I have held South African Gold stocks for over 30 years. The reason was they used to pay the best dividends, now they don’t.

    I started buying physical Gold & Silver as an untaxed long term storage of wealth about 1996. At first it didn’t do much but I kept accumulating, suddenly around 2001 it started to appreciate and my initial investments have almost tripled in dollar value.

    I opened an off shore Gold holding account here:


    …In Aug. of 2001.
    Again my original investment has almost tripled in dollar value, since that time.

    This site also has a way to transfer ownership of Gold & Silver to holding account members.

    It is a little complicated but worth the research, in my opinion.

    Why do I own Gold?

    Because I believe it’s still the worlds currency of choice, in the long term.
    Thanks for the question.

  4. emucompboy says:

    Dentist put it into my teeth years ago.

  5. piet lul says:

    30% in gold mining shares.

  6. Pinky says:

    I agree with EZ Traders & beesting,i own gold here!

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