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What’s the best way to buy silver/gold for investment when your just starting out without a lot of m?

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I bought one of those silver 9/11 $20 bills but I was recently told that was a waste.


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  1. Peter J says:

    go buy some books on the stock market and chances are there are books on gold trading.
    And yes, that bill is a waste.

  2. tolstoi1 says:

    That depends on how much you have and your long term goals.

    There are some excellent mining companies such as Freeport McMoran.

    Also, you might like the Gold ETF (symbol GLD).

    You might like to buy some collectable coins. Ask any coin dealer in your area.

  3. Jim L says:

    The best way to invest in silver or gold is NOT to invest in it, especially any of the crap you see advertised on TV, magazines or newspapers. A lot of that stuff is only gold plated and is worthless. But even with legitimate gold and silver, over the past 30 years, you would have made a lot more money in a simple bank account (and that is a bad investment) than in owning precious metals. Right now, gold and silver prices are dropping – and that is likely to continue for quite a while. If you really want an investment that tracks silver and gold, you can buy stocks in the companies that mine gold (example: Freeport McMoran, symbol FCX), or even companies that sell mining equipment (example: Bucyrus, symbol BUCY). There are also mutual funds made up of stocks in mining companies you can buy. Stocks are much easier to buy and sell than owning the metal itself.

  4. Computer Guy says:

    If there is coin shop anywhere near you, visit and see if they sell “bullion” coins. Bullion coins are not rare, they are valuable because of their gold or silver content. See if the owner will help you set up a buying schedule. If you are a regular customer, they should be able to sell to you for a very small margin over spot.

    Even if you do not wish to buy online, you may fine Kitco’s site interesting:


    I myself think it’s a great time to buy.


  5. es says:

    This is an easy question to answer. The best thing to do is purchase physical gold and silver. You can do this buy going to http://www.golddealer.com or http://www.kitco.com. Both are reputable.

    You can also purchase gold and silver coins directly from the US Mint.

    Another thing you can do is purchase shares of the gold and silver etf’s, which would require you to open a stock brokerage account. The ticker symbols are GLD and SLV.

    A third thing you can do is purchase a precious metals Certificate of Deposit. Go to http://www.everbank.com.

    Another thing you can do is collect coins and jewelry, but then you must understand the value of those investments, not just the silver or gold content, based on its condition and rarity.

    I hope this helps.

  6. Common Sense says:

    If you’re putting more than 1-2% of your portfolio into metals….. you’re making a major mistake. I got out at $998….. all the technical indicators show a broken market.

    Best way to buy… use the ETF’s;
    GLD for gold
    SLV for silver

    With many stock brokers you could buy $400,000 worth of gold for a commision charge of $12.95 or less. There are no storage fees. No shipping charges & they can be bought or sold in a split second during market hours.

    Me…. I wouldn’t buy either right now!

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