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Where is the most honest reliable Gold/Silver company for investment?

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I am looking to invest in precious metals and live in Florida. I have searched and located few where I can buy them in Western United States by referral, but if anyone who is very knowledgeable in this field and can recommend me a good place to buy in the East Coast or Florida. Gold/Silver for investment, please give me the list of web site please. MUCH appreciated it.


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  1. x says:

    if you invest in precious metals i have a very useful website for you

    this website shows the positions of the commercials (a.k.a big dogs) in the futures markets of precious metals like gold silver etc

    they always lead the big moves in the market. like if everyone is selling and the commercials are buying in a couple of weeks or months, price will rise

    this is just for knowledge purposes. i cannot recommend you a broker since i dont live in florida and neither do i invest in gold.

    if you want to learn general trading i can help.

  2. Doug T says:

    Look to precious metals mutual funds. That’ where I put my money.

  3. zachw945 says:

    I would say your best bet would be to use an established and large company that has many differing types of offering. Every investor is different and everybody has differing goals. A company like might be a good resource for you to invest in gold products.

    Zach Letting investors rank, review and evaluate investment information sources

  4. Invest Advisor says:

    Minimum to invest is 5K USD, you can test the water before putting all.

    You can consider FX Funds Group if you would like to make 2% – 15% per month. A low risk investment to the long term goals.

    search for myfxfunds in google search engine for more information.

  5. life invest says:

    If you are serious to invest and do no want to lose your money,you can google for HSFX Asset Management and start making consistent profits!

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