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is precious metal investment safe and good ways to invest? what do is your opinion on investing on gold?

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or silver? how do you make investment on gold or silver? and what do look for before purchase?


12 Responses to “is precious metal investment safe and good ways to invest? what do is your opinion on investing on gold?”
  1. *Steve* says:

    Yes always is. stock exchange.#

  2. Miranda R says:

    The best way to invest in the precious metals market is to go through Commodities. Your account will be leveraged and your profit potential will be higher. The price of gold and silver have come down from there all time high just in the last couple months so it has created a good buying opportunity.
    I suggest Roslex Financial 866 622 2427 ext 2263

  3. monkeybrains says:

    I actually think that is a really good investment. I have heard some positive reviews, through friends who have made a lot of money trading on gold.
    I am not familiar though with how to go about it myself.

  4. Jarimmiha says:

    If you are talking about purchasing gold or silver (as in) bars
    make sure you are looking at the resail prices and hto the retail prices.
    If you are talking about the NY stock exchange you might want to try the sight that I use
    7 $ a trade, there are a lot of different exchanges & brokers out there, Just do your homework.
    Go to there web sight & read up on what they charge, if anything.

  5. geyamala says:

    most of the Indians invest money in purchasing yellow metal, though it may not yield high returns. but it is a safe investment. in case of need, one can mortgage it with bankers. but the problem with yellow metal is we can not wear them because of threats from snatchers .

  6. eatonwrite aka dryBri says:

    precious metals will always have some value, and are a very important thing to have in a balanced portfolio.

    silver and gold are easily purchased on the net. krugerands are the most reliable gold coins, but silver is a bit more stable and trustworthy—but it takes up more space.

    suggest a safety-deposit box in a bank if you plan to get majorly into this stuff…or if you live in a rural area, a place that only you and one trusted other person know about.

    having a will is important, too. Someone should know where your stuff is if you die.

  7. JoseLuis25 says:

    I would avoid commodities as a whole. It is believed that commodities are entering a bubble phase much like the real estate market entered into in the past few years. I realize that gold/silver has done very well recently but I believe it is hitting the wall. I don’t expect the return on investment to be as profitable.

    Here is a bit of advice on booms. If you listen, the industry will telegraph a cooling market. A sign that a market is cooling is when you see an increase in commercials that start off by saying how great of an investment the specific market is. Why pay attention to commercials? Because the purpose of commercials are to increase sales volume. As a market segment is growing it does not need to advertise‚Ķinsiders know about the growth and are quietly taking advantage of the growth. This was evident recently during 2005/2006 as the real estate market was cooling. There was a significant increase in commercials advertising real estate as an investment and mortgage companies advertising cheap mortgages. Why advertise? Because the companies that make money in the market (real estate agents, mortgage companies, etc..) sense a slowing market. As their profits decrease they attempt to increase profits buy attracting more customers…hence the commercials. I now see commercials that advertise gold as a safe investment. I would listen to the market and invest else where in the market.

  8. Doctor Deth says:

    precious metals usually go the opposite way the stock market goes – stocks up – gold down and vice versa – probably too late to make any real money in it now – should have bought it at $400 per ounce

  9. Smartass says:

    If by safe you mean preserving the purchasing power, then yes.

    If by safe you mean stable in price, then no.

    I invest in gold and silver (and mostly silver) because it’s cheap, and due to inflation, supply, it’s increase greatly in value.

    In fact, I am laughing at my friends right now. Last year, I bought silver at $13/oz, today, silver can be sold at $18 or more. They laughed at me last year when they had no clue.

    Well look, last year, gas was $3.50 or less a gallon. Today it’s $4.40 a gallon. While my silver appreciated 40%, gas rose only less than 30%. So my silver can still buy the same gas at a bargain!

  10. Tory O says:

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  11. Matt C says:

    I would say yes, if investing for the longer term. Gold and other precious metals will generally (in my opinion) continue to rise as worldwide consumer demand increases.

    If you are going to invest in physical gold then I would say go for gold coins. Kruggerands or sovereigns are probably safest although watch out for fake sovereign coins. These can be spotted by their duller colour and they only weigh 7 grams.

    Take a look at http://www.hattongardenmetals.com they publish their purchase price for gold coins on their website daily so you have a constant view of the possible sale price you can achieve. They also sell gold coins for investment purposes.

    Some people favour silver as an investment, but the trouble is that the same value in silver takes up a lot more room than gold.

  12. IncomeInvestor says:

    Hi, D.C.,

    Years ago I read an investing author who told a story of his time as a U.S. Marine in post-WW2 Japan. At that time, the country was totally devastated by war.

    He needed some cash, so he took his gold watch to a gold dealer. The dealer pointed to his shelves full of jewelry, watches, and other gold items.

    The dealer shook his head. “Everybody wants to sell gold. Nobody wants to buy.”

    The author still needed to raise some money, so he asked a buddy who always had a lot of money what his secret was. His friend took him to the PX, complimented the Japanese woman behind the counter, and so received double rations of chocolate, cigarettes and soap — which the buddy took to a black market dealer.

    Who gladly paid top yen for these consumer items which ordinary Japanese people were desperate to buy.

    Not my story, but one I love to tell.

    best, Rick

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