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Would coins be a good investment?

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If I bought 2006 silver eagle proofs.
or if I bought 2006 gold eagle proofs?
Back in 1991 I bought $100 worth of non-proof silver dimes/half-dollars last week I sold them in the rich part of town. She gave me $100 for them :( So anyway would proof silver/gold coins be a good idea? Any help would be great..Thank you!


3 Responses to “Would coins be a good investment?”
  1. cork says:

    WHO KNOWS…………..

  2. rjrmpk says:

    First, I would suggest gaining some knowledge. Subscribe to Coin World. Check prices on eBay and Coin World’ site. Also be aware of the volatility of the bullion (gold & silver) market.

    Do NOT buy stuff from TV channels selling coins. Overpriced and overhyped. For example, no collectors/investors are interested in colorized coins or gold or platinum layered coins. Pure junk!

    Be wary of some coin dealers. They typically buy low and sell high. That’s why I like eBay for selling my coins.

    Proof coins are one option for you. Buy them from the U S Mint, not a dealer. Some proof sets have risen in value but often it is a crap shoot.
    Bullion coins are another option. Generally speaking, bullion coins are not directly available from the mint unless you’re a coin dealer. Remember Canada, Mexico, Australia, Great Britian, etc., all offer nice bullion coins.

    There are a number of reputable coin dealers that could advise you in building a coin investment portfolio. Check for them in Coin World magazine.

  3. Frank Castle says:


    If you want to invest in Silver then open a brokerage account and invest in the iShares Silver Trust.

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