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Are these silver coins good investment?

August 26, 2010 by  
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How much are these coins worth? I can buy em for 50% of the listed price.


4 Responses to “Are these silver coins good investment?”
  1. muncie birder says:

    They are not silver. Copper-nickle. If you are interested in buying silver, you might investigate buying some on Ebay. I expect you can buy 20 silver Franklin halves for about $120.

  2. andrew v says:

    These are not silver coins in the strict4est sense most Eisenhowers are not you 90% silver pre 64 coins are . I personally would NOT invest in this area but that is just my personal choice.Stick with pre 64 Morgans and Peace that are close to spot silver for surest option

  3. Jason M says:

    No they are not silver

    Even for numismatics they are not very valuable.

    If you want to buy silver dollars buy Morgan dollars or Peace dollars

  4. kemosabbe says:

    You should really consider bullion. They come in all sizes, such as 5-10-20 ounce.
    You can save money by doing that.

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