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Whats the minimum cost to invest in gold & silver?

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Whre do i go to purchase this investment / what are the qualifications or suggestons from those who have experiance in this.


2 Responses to “Whats the minimum cost to invest in gold & silver?”
  1. nodamnway says:

    you can invest however much you want. you can buy the actual metals on ebay or you can buy the funds which trade under SLV or GLD. i would buy the real thing though. you can buy however much you want. there is no limit either way. i would suggest 10 ounce silver bars.

  2. CustomSoftail says:

    Ther is no minimum, but you will get better prices by purchasing in larger quantities. You can buy as little as a pre- 1964 silver dime for a buck or so, & a 1 gram gold bullion bar for about $30. You can catch deals on Ebay at times, but don’t get yourself caught up paying large premiums like many do.

    Check out:

    I’d also recommend getting friendly with your local dealer of choice. 1st, though, get yourself educated about what kind of premium over spot price is reasonable.

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