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Whats a better investment?

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Am i better off investing in 10 oz of silver or 1/10 oz of gold. the gold will cost me more. Thanks


4 Responses to “Whats a better investment?”
  1. HillClimber says:

    Neither. Both are always sold at a premium and purchased back at a discount. That’s how the sellers make their money. If you are set on gold or silver as an investment, buy stock in a major company that mines it.

  2. muncie birder says:

    1/10 oz of gold has the possibility of becoming lost. I know. I once lost a 1/10 oz gold coin one time. 10 oz of silver is a pretty big chunk of silver. Hard to loose provided it does not get stolen. There are those that think that silver is under priced compared to gold. I do not know if that is so or not. There is a whole lot more silver mined than gold each year and I might add a whole lot more floating around too.

    Actually, 10 oz of silver should cost considerably more than 1/10 ounce of gold. About 50% more.

  3. jhanford1 says:

    Neither. An investment that small would be nearly impossible to recoup transaction costs, and gold is at or nearly at an all time high. Not to mention there is absolutely no way to value gold. At least with a company, you can look at expected future cash flows, discount them back to today and compare to the current market price. How do you value gold? What the next person is willing to pay for it? No thanks.

  4. Bill R. says:

    Neither is good. Buy a mining company stock with decent cash flow and one that at least pays a fairly stable dividend.

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