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whats the best way to buy copper for investment purposes?

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I have been looking into copper bullion in the form of 16oz bars on ebay. I worry about drill and fill. I know buying silver and gold in small coins and bars the chances of drill and fill are less likely, is this the same for copper?


3 Responses to “whats the best way to buy copper for investment purposes?”
  1. Lighthearted says:

    Best way to buy copper is just say no and do not buy it. Buying copper is as promising as going to Vegas and gambling. Copper prices move totally on speculation with no driver outside of long term demand that will raise the price one day when you are old. Stocks on the other hand go up in value steadily due to growth of profits in companies offering the stock. Stocks are a sure thing to appreciate soon and over time while copper is not. At least invest in real estate rather than copper as real estate appreciates due to population growth that will absolutely happen in the US over time. So real estate will absolutely grow in value whereas copper will not; it is just high risk speculation.

  2. Len says:

    I’ve got a neat way to acquire copper that I’ve not heard of anyone else doing…it may hold appeal for you as it’s incredibly cheap and can be a lot of fun.

    I go to yard and garage sales in search of copper teapots and copper tea sets, decorative plates and garden implements from roosters to pigs and ducks—all made of copper. More interesting is that these older pieces were generally far heavier than you’ll find in current manufacture. It’s very common to find several items weighing a couple of pounds each— or better— in one place and costing no more than 50 cents per item. That’s a huge gain, financially speaking, and I’m sure the operator of the sale hasn’t a clue. These items are easily melted down, too, for they are entirely copper other than for the occasional added wooden handles which are held in place with a slotted screw and nothing more.

    Happy hunting!


  3. Ozzie says:

    Your best bet is likely to buy Copper ETF’s. There are several – look here to start:

    Copper is a bet on the overall economy, so Index ETFs or Mutual Funds will likely provide similar investment yields. But if you feel Copper will somehow outperform, an ETF should reward your speculation.

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