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what is a good investment in this economic crisis is gold and silver good?

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6 Responses to “what is a good investment in this economic crisis is gold and silver good?”
  1. Simi says:

    i think gold is good investment for women allways

    but try silver, diamonds even some good insurance policy too

  2. alcan52 says:

    First off you need to understand that gold is not an investment. The best way to own gold is to buy and take physical delivery of the gold itself. Silver is also in the gold realm as well, so when talking about gold, silver is included. The most important thing in this economic crisis is not return on investment, it’s return of capitol and purchasing power.

    Gold and silver is money and a store of value. It is the “Currency of last resort” as Greenspan has stated many times through the years. Gold doesn’t pay interest, dividends, doesn’t restate earnings, has no lawyers, accountants, CEOs or CFOs lying to you on television. Gold doesn’t ask for bailouts, doesn’t go BK and cannot cook its books. Gold cant be debased or printed at the will of a company or government and holds its purchasing power.

    Gold sits there as a store of value, is labor intensive, and a one ounce coin will not split into a bunch of half ounce coins at the direction of the pin stripped bandits on Wall Street. Also Gold is the ONLY asset class in the last ten years to increase in value and retain every dollar of its purchasing power.

    The earths crust only yeilds so much of it. It has value due to the fact that its rare and one cannot reproduce it with out the hard work and real labor it takes to obtain new material from the ground. This is why its money. It represents a store of the value of the real working man. The labor and costs required to obtain an ounce of gold is the same as the labor, materials and costs to produce a fine handmade suit of cloths. This value has not changed in 5000 years. Gold and silver were money and represented a store of value long before Charles Dow ever invented that exchange.

    It has value for all these reason but the most important one is the fact that it cannot be reproduced for a low cost.

    People can debate all they want about gold and silver but the fact is where everyones stocks, bonds, real estate etc have declinded in value, only physical gold and silver are up. Ill continue putting my wealth in something that can’t be debased.

  3. Space Invader101 says:

    There’s more good uses for gold than hoarding coins and gold bricks, and making jewellery. Try googling “Uses for gold”. Many electronic products including the computer you’re currently using have gold in them.

    Some people buy gold to hedge against inflation. With so much US dollars being printed, that’s a very likely scenario in the future.

  4. muncie birder says:

    Indeed gold is not an investment. It is a hedge against inflation, which many think is almost a virtual certainty given the trillions dollars government debt and the non-stop printing of money. Now gold mining stocks are an investment. Oil companies are also an investment. There is some opinion that silver because it is selling at very much less than its historic ratio of that of gold is a better bet. I don’t know since the ratio at least during modern times was set by the government. Perhaps it is an indication that gold is way over priced. I don’t know whether that is true or not. I do know that a certain very astute hedge fund manager has taken over a billion dollar position in gold and also a very large position in gold mining stocks. I also know that the only hope the government has of paying off its borrowings is by inflating is way out of that debt. It is its only hope. .

  5. RadarBruce says:

    Here’s a great resource: the Silver Bear Cafe website, listed below. I am not an affiliate, I don’t make any money from this, but I got a hell of a free education, and quick. All the good research is done.

  6. says:

    Gold is a great investment.Its hightest now.

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