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What Is A Gold ETF? Is It Good To Invest In Them?

January 7, 2011 by  
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Im looking into buying gold or investing in gold. Would Silver or gold etf’s be a good idea? Im not sure how they work or if there going to be a good longterm investment. If anyone can explain how they work and if there worth the investment. Mabe some websites or companys that would be good to look into.Ans would investing in gold or silver mining companies be a good idea? how would I do that? through stocks? thanks


2 Responses to “What Is A Gold ETF? Is It Good To Invest In Them?”
  1. delta38b says:

    an etf is an Exchange traded fund, it is like a more specific mutual fund,
    there returns are genrally lower, go with GLD or SLW gold and silver stocks, or physical gold/ silver.
    if you want a little more risk/reward go w/ palladium/rhodium e-mail if other q’s

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