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Merit Financial – Gold Coin Investing

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There are many options out there to consider when looking to build your portfolio.  Gold investing has proven to be a popular option these days posting gains over 100% since 2000 and steadily on the rise.

Merit Financial offers extensive options in precious metals investing with gold, silver, platinum, palladium bars, bullion, internationally recognized coins, certified numismatics and rarities for the individual investor.

It can be hard to choose what route to take when considering investing in precious metals.  There are many different kinds and each has its own history of successes and failures.  But, for the most part, they have proven to be a smart investment for profitability, protection and privacy.

Merit believes that owning physical metals is crucial to diversification and is suitable for 10-20 percent of an investment portfolio.  Therefore they exclusively deal in gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Protection is a big aspect when considering gold investments.  If you buy gold coins you have a piece of currency that is usable in almost every part of the world.  The value may fluctuate but instead of gambling with the stock market and potentially large losses, you will always be in possession of gold and its value will continue to be strong.

As with many profitable investments, it is best when coins and bullion are considered a long term investment of at least 3-5 years, as this is a time frame that has shown a quality rate of return, but an optimal timeframe is 5-10 years.  Gold has shown to have incredible short term growth but by considering gold and silver investment as long term can create a solid backbone to any portfolio.

It’s very important to invest wisely in any situation.  Investing in precious metals is a fairly safe investment, but nothing is guaranteed.  Before investing into anything be sure to do your research.

Merit Financial is a different kind of company in this respect.  A lot of places strictly do business for profit.  Can you blame them?  It’s a refreshing change when a company like Merit not only takes their own well being into consideration but wants to make sure their clients are well informed and as successful as them.

By offering their clients current information and insight to the precious metals market it shows their knowledge and dedication to the industry.  Profit is everyone’s main goal but with Merit, it’s important to gain profit around a credible business that clients come back to.

Refer to the Better Business Bureau and you will find that Merit has earned an “A” score with them by abiding to strict BBB rules and policies.  It’s important to handle situations in a timely and fair manner to ensure you maintain the trust of your customers.

Gold coin dealers are everywhere these days as the economy is in a state of distress and, once again, gold has proven to be recession proof. A valuable commodity in any economy and a smart investment in any form. When choosing gold and silver investment be sure to go with a smart and reputable company, like Merit Financial, that has your best interests in mind.

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