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Looking To Make A Good Investment? Buy Gold And Silver Bullion To Give You Financial Security

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Gold prices are on the up, but that’s nothing new. Since 1982 gold has increased in value by a staggering 220+%, and most of that increase has been in the last 10 years. The price per ounce on the 7th of May 1999 was £172.84 but for the same amount of gold ten years later in 2009 you would have expected that same ounce to sell for around £606.43. That’s a phenomenal increase in value by anyone’s standards.

If you have thought about investing in gold, then you’re not the only one. With its rising prices it’s clear to see why. Investing in precious metals like silver and gold bullion is one of the smartest investments that you as an investor could make, and it is the number one choice for many investors looking to play it safe. If the value of traditional investments causes you concern as their values can fluctuate from day to day then play it safe with an investment that, based on the current trends, will only continue to make you money.

Gold, as it stands represents security. It retains its buying power and has intrinsic value with absolutely no counter party risk. Meaning that whatever happens to the financial system, gold will do nothing but hold its value throughout the world.

The price of gold has always been and will more than likely continue to be greatly affected by the assumed perception of the global economy. When onlookers are worried about the prices of currencies or the risks that might pose a threat to growth investments, they will more often than not turn to gold as the standard “safe money” investment. Paper money on the other hand doesn’t have the same confidence associated with it.

Let us not forget that unlike paper money, gold cannot be printed in a mint, if stocks are low no more can be made. Once all the gold in our world has been mined, that’s it. No more. Stocks of gold are becoming increasingly limited everyday, and as the quantity amounts available continue to fall, the prices continue to rise. The cost of extraction alone contributes greatly to the rising costs, it was estimated that in 2005 it would cost (on average) $400 to extract just one ounce of gold.

High demand pushes up prices of any goods, and gold is no exception. Because of the special properties it holds It is used in the medical industry, for science, even home appliances. I bet many people have at least one component cable for a TV set and peripherals that has gold plated connectors. Silver too is used heavily in the electronics industry. For example; nearly all electrical switches, mainly those found on printed circuit boards (PCB’s) use silver-based solder. Just think about all the electrical items in your home that could have solder connections containing some silver, your iPod, your mobile phone the computer you are reading this on right now. Nearly half of the worlds yearly silver output is used by the huge electronics industry. Silver coins or silver bullion bars would add an added touch of diversification to your precious metal portfolio. It is always said that where there is gold, silver isn’t far behind. Both metals share a lot of the same properties and both are metals that are continuing to rise in value.

World central banks keep stock piles of gold as a store of value which performs as a guarantee to redeem promises made to pay depositors, paper money holders, trading peers or simply to secure a currency. For example, Britain once had 700 tons of gold reserves (395 tonnes of which were sold between 1999 and 2002 with the proceeds invested in foreign currencies, one of which was the euro). The United States of America currently has the highest amount of gold with over 8,100 tonnes stock piled.

Gold, surprisingly, is also used to make gold coins. Said coins are issued and created in specific weights. Gold coins are popular with people who are looking to buy and keep hold of small volumes of gold for investment purposes. The initial cost of these coins will not break the bank. Gold coins are also given as commemorative purposes which gives the best of both worlds there as they have a high collectable value as well as a value for the gold itself.

If you are looking for that long term investment then it is advised that you consider spending some time looking into the current prices of gold and how it has increased in value over the last decade. Gold charts will show you this information and tell you exactly why it is a good idea to buy gold as soon as possible. Just remember that gold is often considered the most lucrative long-term investment.

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