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is silver good investment?

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9 Responses to “is silver good investment?”
  1. leyth e says:

    no stay away from it

  2. thislady2fly says:

    no because over time it starts to look ugly, i don’t own silver jewelry…just not worth it!!… personally platnium is nice 😉

  3. shadowatdustcatcher says:

    Options ok right now.

  4. VaTreasures says:

    It has seen pretty large appreciation, which means it is probably at or near a peak. While precious metals have intrinsic value, unlike money, they do not significantly increase in value beyond the rate of inflation over time. Putting money in silver with the hope the price will rise and you can sell it is speculating. Picking a quality stock with the idea you will hold it for 5 to 10 years is investing.

  5. Hardez says:

    not currently, cause the price od silver right now is actually the double of what it was last year!!!. All silver jewelry around the world are having hard time. so the rest is up to you!!

  6. gdgunsnstuf says:

    yes if you bought it about 9 months ago!

  7. linkUS says:

    Diversification in investments is a GOOD thing. It is always good to hold precious metals. Some people are down on silver because it doesn’t do as well as gold, actually nothing can. I am holding one million Iraq Dinar and gold and stocks, ETC. All part of a diverse program to retire comfortably.

  8. TLIUALL says:

    It is money, not paper or bank note. Also, gold/silver ratio is 20, it should have 150% appreciation from here.

  9. Always Right says:


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