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good new baby store of value investment- silver?

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My brother and sister in law are expecting a little one soon and I was thinking of what to get the baby as a baptismal gift. Religious articles I can get for the baby later when the kid would have more of a use for them. When we all were baptized, we got savings bonds that were useful for college and buying a home and car when we were adults. With the current low interest rates and risk of inflation, buying savings bonds seems almost like throwing our money away. What would be a better option? I’m thinking some kind of silver investment. What would be the best savings vehicle for 20 years? I’m not interested in 529’s since the limit the options for what the money can be used for. I was thinking of silver since it looks like it comes in quantities we could buy for ~100 dollars. How do you go about buying silver?

I would like to limit the cost to 100-150 dollars as I don’t want to get something for our first nephew/niece we can’t keep up for the other dozen or so who may come.
529s don’t make sense if the kid takes up a trade instead of going to college like the baby’s father or if he/she gets a full scholarship like me.


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  1. ThinKabootit says:

    Stocks are the best option for a 20-year horizon.

    Chances are good that gold will be worth the same and silver may well be worth less in 20 years than it is today. Here are graphs of their prices for the last 600 years;

    You may not be “interested in 529’s”, but from a “common sense” and logical perspective they make the most sense!

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