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Is Gold the quickest way to ALL our hearts now?

January 24, 2011 by  
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With the downturn of the economy and stock market, I would think it safe to say that many people (like myself) are looking for safe investment vehicles to put what money they have (left) into. While there are many investment opportunities that may be considered “safe”, many people a) have failed to invest at an early age and are now behind the eight ball when it comes to retirement, and b) don’t really have a lot of excess liquid capital to invest. When someone like this makes the decision to invest, they can be riding a lot on the performance of the investment.
What about Gold? Is this a smart decision at this time? It has been hitting record levels recently. Will this trend continue, or will it be the next investment that will take a sled ride.
There is also the issue of price. Most individuals don’t have enough money to invest that would make the investment a retirement helper. What about gold start-ups like Silver Falcon Mining (SFMI.PK)? Could this be a possibility?


3 Responses to “Is Gold the quickest way to ALL our hearts now?”
  1. skahhh says:

    Keep whatever put options you can in place for your predicted profit taking when it drops! Can you say, parabolic?

  2. Michael M says:

    well, you know what goes up must come down. and the bigger they are the harder they fall.

    What I’m saying is, I would exercise caution in buying something that has gone up so far and so quickly.

    To time your investments, there’s a simple rule called “50% retracement rule” which is quite effective for getting an idea of when to buy and sell.
    Google for it.

    As for “safe investment vehicles”, why not stick your money in a “bear fund.” Bear funds makes money in a bear market. We’re in one. Makes sense to me.

  3. exactduke says:

    It’s hard to see how rank speculation in the case of your stock which trades on the ‘pinks’, or classic performance chasing in the case of gold is/will solve your retirement problems. The result is likely to be the loss of what little money you do have.

    But hey as long as you’ve made classic mistakes in the past, there’s no reason you shouldn’t continue this in the future.

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