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question about gold vs silver investments?

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the price of gold has skyrocketed, silver has gone uo as well, just not at a rate we have witnessed with gold. Will We See the price of silver jump up to record levels overnight in the very very near future?


4 Responses to “question about gold vs silver investments?”
  1. steve a says:

    i doubt it, but if you are investing you should check out uranium mines. uranium price inreases put gold to shame.

  2. lithium630 says:

    Don’t confuse price and value. Silver was at $5 an ounce not that long ago, and was up to $14 before the pull back. The value of silver went up more than gold. Both of them have pulled back over the past year. I think that both should rise over the next year. Gold due to inflation, and an impending market correction and silver due to more uses (such as semi conducting power lines)

  3. Yardbird says:

    I think silver is a safer investment than gold, because silver has practical uses. Gold is a pure bet that the economy will tank, which doesn’t seem to be happening. Of course if there were a major terrorist attack or new middle east war, it would be nice to be holding some gold, but that’s not the kind of bet I want to make. I would consider buying silver, however, if the price was right.

  4. sdsu3 says:

    Hard to say!
    I like the real GOLD nuggets.

    As most gold is mined as very fine dust and tiny nuggets, the larger (over 1oz) nuggets are very rare! Actually they are as rare as large diamonds!

    I would suggest you look into large nuggets!

    To see the ‘live’ spot NY gold price and some museum size gold nuggets I suggest you visit a great site I found a few months ago. I purchase a few nuggets from them just about a month ago, and not only are they beautiful to look at but in just the last few weeks they have really moved up in value!

    I’m actually saving to purchase others!

    The site is:

    Their museum nuggets are at:

    The most expensive gold is called Crystalline gold. Some great photos of it can be viewed at:

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