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How can I keep track of the current value of Gold/Silver American Eagles?

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Most web sites that track American Eagle prices give the selling price. To keep track of my investment I need to know the buying price. The price I could get if the coins were sold. Is there a site that gives updated daily prices for both buy and sell?
I will probably just stay with the bid/ask price of gold and silver and not worry about the coin premium.


3 Responses to “How can I keep track of the current value of Gold/Silver American Eagles?”
  1. Daniel S says:

    its hard to say. since there are so few gold coins actually circulating it is hard to put a price tag on them because you could get some VERY different prices depending on who buys. If you sell to a pawn shop or some site like you are going to get pennies on the dollar in terms of worth but if you sell to someone who doesn’t really understand what he’s buying you could get spot price or higher for them. So its impossible to get a perfect fair value.

    its been a while since I have dealt with these, the following assumes that they are one ounce coins and sell new for aprox $50 over spot.
    that said a reasonable estimate might be to take the current gold spot price which you can find at subtract 2.5% (if you are optimistic) 5% if you are pessimistic and multiply by the number of coins you have.

  2. paul k says: is worth a look to see what they are bid for.

  3. raypay2003 says:

    E bay will show what people are getting for anything

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