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What coins make for the best long term investments?

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Ok, Is it better to invest in rare coins and speculate on thier numismatic value going up or is it better to invest in pre-1964, that you can buy at or bellow melt, silver coins and speculate on them increasing in price due to thier bullion vallue?
Also, if its better to invest by speculating on bullion value, is it better to buy silver coins at bellow melt or to buy bullion coins such as maple leafs, silver eagles, pandas ect?
My final question is rather or not it would be possible for someone to build enough wealth to retire comfortably in say 25-30 years by investing wisely in coins either for thier numismatic or bullion values?
Hello, Im 29 now and have just started in coins. My plan is to invest in them systematically on a monthly basis in hopes theyll increase in value say in 30yrs enough to have a early retirement. I would need roughly 150t to retire as my plan is to retire to the philippines and put the money in accouts which draw 20% apr in interest which is paid on a monthly basis. Also, I have looked into stock investments ect but to be honest the us economy doesnt seem so good and with are currancy beeing unbacked by bullion I dont see it improving this is why I started looking into coins as through my research Ive discovered that coins and bullion seemingly increase in value at a greater rate or equal rate to most stock investments and Ive read that bullion increases during hard times and can be easily liquidated much like stock.


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  1. iambacktoplayandwin says:


  2. wizard says:

    just stick with gold coins,the price of gold keeps going up

  3. Peter C says:

    Gold bullion coins are the best and safest way to go, I have been buying coins for some considerable time and whilst I am not wealthy to retire now, I am looking at retiring when I am 58 (38 now!). How much do you have to invest?

  4. muncie birder says:

    There are quite a few different parts to this question that require somewhat elaborate answers. First, coins are not exactly investments. They fall more into the relm of speculation. The reason being that there is no real basis for their value other than what a person might be willing at any particular time to pay for them. That does not mean that they might not over time become worth more. In fact many have have. If you concentrate on silver bullion coins, you are going to have to have a very large vault to store them in. That is one of the big drawbacks to buying bullion silver. Gold not so large.

    Certain numismatic coins have had a history of steady increase in value, especially the key dated U S coins such as the 1877 penny and the 1909 svdb penny. And the 1804 silver dollar. But other numismatic coins have had a history of speculative rises and crashes, especially Morgan silver dollars.

    As for retiring comfortably on such investments, I would not wish to attempt it. One thing to remember is that when buying you generally buy at retail and when you sell you generally sell at wholesale.

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