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want to spend $1000 on solid silver dollars..?

December 30, 2010 by  
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They all don’t have to be in perfect shape, just want some for memories sake (ex stole all of mine from growing up :( Water under the bridge now but want some to give my grandkids down the line. So it’s not really an investment to sell one day, just something to have. Coin wise, what would you spend on coins for $1000? Where and how would I do this? Thanks much. Patricia


2 Responses to “want to spend $1000 on solid silver dollars..?”
  1. exactduke says:

    You want to spend a grand all totaled , or you want to buy 1,000 silver dollars?? Peace or Morgan dollars of medium quality would probably run you around 20 – 30 bucks apiece. Maybe a little cheaper for Peace dollars. You can buy these from a coin dealer. Ebay is also a good place to pick-up silver dollars.
    2010 U.S. silver eagles can be purchased from the u.s. mint.

  2. b2fnow says:

    Take a look at the wide selection at Apmex.com. I’ve been using them for years.


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