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Tips Of Collecting Silver Buffalo Coin

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For coin collectors seeking the Silver Buffalo Coin, getting a coin in excellent condition is of the utmost importance. A commemorative Silver Buffalo Coin was created in 2001 which consists of approximately 90 percent pure silver. The commemorative coin is a replica of the original Buffalo Nickel first created by James Earle Fraser and cast between 1913 and 1938. On the front of the Buffalo nickel appeared the profile of a Native American and on the back a standing buffalo is visible. The same design appears on the commemorative coins created in 2001.

The commemorative Silver Buffalo Coin is fully endorsed and backed by the United States Mint. It is possible for buyers come across counterfeits of 2001 Silver Buffalo Coin in the market. One will find on genuine coins that the backside of the coin is inscribed with the words “IN GOD WE TRUST,” just beneath the words “United States of America.” The latter text is arched above the buffalo on the back of the coin. Just beneath the buffalo’s head on the coin, the words “E Plubribus Unum,” the Latin phrase meaning “Out of Many, One” appears. The latter words are indicative of genuine commemorative coins as such an inscription is not inscribed on replications.

On a genuine Silver Buffalo Coin, coin collectors can also easily spot the specific denomination just below the buffalo on the obverse side of the coin which should clearly read “One Dollar.” Replications may display the words “giant buffalo proof” where the denomination amount appears on genuine coins. In addition, just below the denomination indicator on the obverse side of the coin, one will find the letter “P” which is an indicator of what mint cast the Silver Buffalo coin as well as the letter “F” which is indicative of the coin’s original designer. The uncirculated version of silver Buffalo coin is minted in Denver, CO, with a “D” Mint Mark inscribed on the coin instead. Another clear clue that the coin is genuine is the fact that on the front side of the coin on the lower left is the engraved year: “2001.”

Careful examination of the Silver Buffalo Coin will give a coin collector a solid idea about what he or she is buying. It is easy to separate all of the replicas from the originals when one knows what to look for. Understanding the identifying markers will help the coin collector ensure he or she is getting a genuine coin in every instance. You can also subject it to the magnet test. A silver coin won’t be attracted to the magnet, but a fake steel coin would.

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