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Coin Collecting ? A Rewarding Hobby

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Though it may not have the same abdominal excitement as, say, hang gliding, it’s got a subdued joy that’s more than worth the experience. The enjoyment of collecting valuable, certified coins is a pleasure that should not be missed. While this may be difficult for some to realize, coin collecting is a reward all its own and, for people that do it, there’s nothing else like it. To comprehend the pleasure of coin collecting is to grasp the pleasure of discovery. You don’t collect coins simply to have metal around, you collect coins to generate wealth for yourself and, if you elect, for generations to come.

With coin collecting and the quantity of coins minted around the planet, there’s always something new to find out. There are always more coins, more designs, more memorial editions, and more periods in history to explore. Meaning that completing a coin collection is never ending, as there are always more coins to collect. I have found collecting, graded collectible coins can be a wonderful learning experience that I can share with my family.  Plus, there is always more to study on coins and coin accumulating. With each article, book, or simple observation there are a few things new to learn, contemplate, or ultimately decide.

And don’t forget, coin collecting has its more tangible rewards. Coins do have a tendency to increase as the years pass on, so there are financial rewards as well as the psychological rewards. In fact, gold and silver coins aren’t getting any commoner, so there is a real likelihood they are  only going to rise in value over a period of time.

Therefore with all of these exciting reasons to coin collecting, how does one actually commence with coin collecting? With me, I elected to concentrate on graded, collectible gold and silver coins.  Of course, I pay close attention to the various coins that come into my possession from day-to-day however, highly graded (Mint State 70) gold and silver coins are my concentration.  These are not your run of the mill “bullion” coins.  The type of valuable coin I collect stands apart as unique because its value is based upon 4 key elements: 1) precious metal content; 2) variety; 3) collector demand; and 4) actual condition.  
I purchase my collectible coins from Numis, the only source that I’m aware of that guarantees the perfect quality (MS70) of the coins.  With Numis you can be assured that every coin is beautiful, valuable and in flawless condition.  Visit Numis at

Discover the wonders of coin collecting.  With time you’ll be able to assemble a magnificent set of coins that not only builds and creates wealth, but can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Gary Price is a practicing attorney specializing in intellectual property including patent, trademark and copyright law and co-author of “You Might Be An Inventor If…”.  Gary Price is an Executive Representative with Numis.  For more information on coin collecting graded gold and silver coins, visit our information site at .

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