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Silver or Gold? Does it really make a difference where you invest your money as long as you are investing it?

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I mean if every investment helps humanity as a whole does it really make a difference if you put your money in the bank or in silver or gold. Either way its gona go to where it needs be correct? Or am I wrong about the way money works it actualy needs to be forced by human hands to find its correct place in the world? If thats true then how and where do we force money to go correctly?


4 Responses to “Silver or Gold? Does it really make a difference where you invest your money as long as you are investing it?”
  1. Santiago Numez says:

    donate to charity its the best investment

  2. mushroom says:

    this all depends on what you want out of your investment, if its a greater return on it then the higher the risk the greater the return,or loss. if its just to help humanity give it to charity ie; cancer reserch or what ever

  3. sanjaymaz2 says:

    It may not matter for you, but for me I could have got about a 5% return in a bank but around 100% in the past year by investing in China, so yes it does matter to me.

  4. sunilinus2003 says:

    First of all lat me thank you for such a wonderful question, you are correct every investment benefits the humanity. But help me in looking at money this way.
    Money has always been a problem if you have it or if you do not have it. So managing money is some thing very different than earning it.
    Basically all our money related decisions are governed by our FEAR and GREED. How much of the two we have and manage and how much of the two is managed by advisors around us.
    Now to the very nature of your personality will decide more than any thing else where your money will end up. Still the bottom line is it’s neither your money nor my money we are just a short stop for the money it will continue its journey…


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