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Silver Eagle Monster Boxes: the Best Way to Buy Silver in Bulk

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Silver Eagle Monster Boxes are a great way to purchase a large quantity of Silver Eagle coins. A monster box contains twenty five plastic coin tubes. Each tube contains twenty American Silver Eagle coins. That means each sealed U.S. Mint box will contain five hundred beautiful, uncirculated American Silver Eagles!

Perhaps you you are hesitant about investing in such a large quantity of American Silver Eagles at one time. Here are what I believe are the two most important reasons for purchasing a Silver Eagle Monster Box:

Cost Savings

When you purchase American Eagle Silver coins, your price is based on the current market spot price. The dealer then adds a premium per silver bullion coin. The main advantage for buying Silver Eagle monster boxes is the cost savings. The greater the quantity of silver bullion coins purchased, the cheaper the price! Plus, most bullion dealers offer free shipping for large orders.

Silver Bullion Shortage

Another valid reason for purchasing Silver Eagle Monster Boxes is the shortage situation in silver bullion. Because of the selloff in the stock market, the financial turmoil in the credit markets and increase in bank failures, investors are turning to hard assets for protection and diversification. Unprecedented demand for silver bullion because of extreme investor demand has forced the the U.S. Mint to stop production of the 2008 edition of the Silver Eagle.

The U.S. Mint has rationed American Silver Eagles since early spring and is supplying the silver bullion coins to dealers on an allocation basis only.

Most dealers are shipping American Silver Eagle orders as they receive them from the U.S. Mint. In many cases, orders are experiencing significant delays and wait times of up to several months! Investors wishing to invest in Silver Eagles should purchase as many coins as they can afford now. There is a real risk that anyone wishing to purchase these silver bullion coins in the future will have to pay a huge premium to do so.

I would strongly urge anyone interested in investing in Silver Eagle Monster Boxes to strongly consider purchasing them now, while they are still available.

Here is the current supply status on Silver Eagles at the various mints and larger dealers:

Silvertowne is no longer accepting any new silver bullion orders.
NorthWest Territorial Mint will not be accepting any new walk-in orders until the online orders are caught up.
Perth Mint are not accepting any new orders.The U.S. Mint is no longer selling American Silver Eagles.
The Sunshine Mint has a backlog of orders for five months. They are a supplier of blanks to the U.S. Mint, btw.

The American Silver Eagle coin is the most popular silver bullion coin. The Silver Eagle is not only beautiful but its silver content is guaranteed by the U.S. government. Each beautiful silver eagle coin contains 1 troy ounce of silver and is 99.9% pure. The American Silver Eagle is considered legal tender and can be converted to cash at any given time.

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