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How to Buy Silver Eagle Monster Boxes Without Getting Ripped Off

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With the price of silver bullion exploding in recent years, there seems to be no lack of silver dealers advertising their services online.

Trying to find a reputable dealer can be a bit confusing for the noviceĀ  investor, wish to purchase Silver Eagle Monster Boxes. After all, there are crooks in every business – the precious metal sector being no exception. However, the following tips will help you to select a quality, online silver bullion dealer.

Older Is Better

Reputable silver bullion dealers are well-established and have been in business for a long period of time. Many reputable dealers such as Kitco and Monex have been in business for thirty years or longer.

Think Physical

A reputable silver bullion dealer will have a physical office, in addition to an online presence. Check the dealer’s website for a traceable address and phone number.

Track Records Count

Reputable dealers have a long-list of satisfied customers. Be sure to check out a potential silver dealer’s customer service track record. Find out if they provide personal service. Try to get a recommendation from other silver investors, when searching for a respectable silver bullion dealer.

Buy Locally

A reputable silver bullion dealer doesn’t have to be a huge conglomerate. Your local coin shop can be a great place to purchase Silver Eagle Monster Boxes. Just make sure you apply the same rules of analyzing the business as you would an online dealer.

If you buy locally, you take delivery of the silver when you purchase it. Therefore, there’s no risk of getting swindled by a non-delivery. Another advantage to purchasing locally is that no reporting requirements are required. You can walk into the store, pay with cash and remain anonymous if you wish to do so. With the larger online silver bullion dealers, such as those listed above, you are linked to the purchase with a paper check.

Diversification Is Important

With any investment, you want to diversify to lower your risk. The same principle applies to selecting a silver bullion dealer. You don’t have to deal exclusively with one business. Even if you’ve done your homework and investigated the dealer to the best of your ability, there’s still a possibility that you could end up buying fake silver bullion coins. If you purchase your silver from various places, you will significantly lower the risk of losing money from a bad deal.

Don’t Overlook eBay

You can also bypass the silver bullion dealers altogether and safely purchase your Silver Eagle Monster Boxes on eBay. eBay can be a great source to find terrific deals on silver coins. But, for those not familiar with the online auction format, purchasing on eBay does carry some risks. Just be sure to:

Carefully read the item’s description.

Check the seller’s rating – the more positive feedback the better.

Always email the seller your concerns or questions.

Whether you’re purchasing your Silver Eagle Monster Boxes from a huge conglomerate, a local coin shop, or an online auction site, follow these simple tips I’ve outlined and you’ll be a safe and happy silver bullion owner!

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