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Silver and Gold IRA, how do i go about finding a company?

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I would like to open a Roth IRA account where i purchase silver and gold instead of investing in mutual funds or any type of investments out there. Does anyone recommend any good company that may have this services.


3 Responses to “Silver and Gold IRA, how do i go about finding a company?”
  1. Rob says: has been very good for me. They also advertise IRA account help (though I have not done that).

    kitco is also a reputable gold/silver seller.

  2. Johnny says:

    Sterling Trust and GoldStar are custodian’s that are approved since the 1970’s to hold physical silver and gold inside an IRA account. They don’t sell metals so you will need to find a company that can walk you through the paperwork to make sure its done correctly. Both companies charge $250.00 for the first year and $200 per year after that. They also use the same depository for storage but Goldstar charges an extra $100.00 for segregation of your silver and gold IRA assets.

    Since the companies above act just as a trust company you will need a dealer or metals exchange that can help and answer questions. Certified Gold Exchange is the best at this IRA thing which may be complicated for a ma and pa shop to handle. Kitco is also reputable and experienced but charges about 15 dollars more per ounce for the American eagles. Certified Gold Exchange is a large volume ($15,000 for IRA transfers to gold or silver) discounter of metals and Kitco will deal with any size account. Always check on the company you choose with the bbb so you can spot complaint patterns. Certified Gold Exchange zero and Kitco has 10. I have made good money with proof coins inside my IRA the last three years. Good luck!

  3. MarcThyme says:

    Why would you wish to do that, exactly? Unless you are retiring six weeks from now, the whole POINT of an IRA is to invest funds that can grow “tax-deferred”, right? They won’t likely BE any taxable growth on gold or silver between now and when you retire, since neither metal has actually appreciated in value (adjusted for inflation) since the early 1500s!

    (As you can see, silver has in fact been LOSING value for centuries, they keep digging more up!)

    Putting “precious metals” in an IRA is just a way to ensure you will be penniless when you retire, and someone else will have to pay to feed you! Silly goose!

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