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question about silver and gold?

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Hey im looking into putting about $1,000 into gold and/ or silver. Do you think that this would be a wise choice or not?
I want a solid asset because im worried that inflation will effect what I have saved.
Do you think gold or silver would be a better investment? also do u think that inflation will have a big effect on money over the next 5-10 years?
I don really know much about this subject and any information would be helpful, thank you


4 Responses to “question about silver and gold?”
  1. brad says:

    Since the runup in gold has been so huge, I would look into silver among the 2. Also, are you looking into owning stock or physucal precious metals? The wiser choice wouldbe the silver or gold in hand.
    If you want liquidity and want to just trade the gld or slv might be alright for you. Don’t buy all at once, buy a little and look to average down if the market takes you lower.
    I think if the dow continues it’s rise? Gold, silver, and oil will fall a bit. Inflation has already hit us too hard, I wouldn’t expect it to rise as much as it has in the past for the near future.
    Remember, don’t chase, the momentum is in gold right now, but by next month? Who knows. Research and take your time.

  2. Bruce says:

    Careful read the news and study the reports coming out.

    You may conclude that the economy is picking up and you should invest in mutual funds or shares. The government will stomp on inflation hard, when/if it picks up.

    Physical assets like gold/silver and other metals play a part in a WELL balanced portfolio, but not so much if you are starting out.

  3. petevanderwaal says:

    I will give some of my background!

    20 years ago I kept close tabs on the ups and downs of gold and silver. I always wanted to invest in some of that. I (unfortunately) could not afford it at the time. Around that time an ounce of gold was somewhere around the 190 to 200 dollar mark (NZ that is), right now that some ounce is worth around $1000.00 (NZ). Compare that with bank interest and other commodities. Your choice! The only thing I like to point out is, that if you invest in gold and silver make sure that it is gold (and silver) bullion. Stamped and marked and everything that comes with it. Check out some historical values and take it from there.

    Happy investing

  4. BuffettCapitalists.com says:

    I think you’re wise to want to hedge against inflation in the years to come with gold and/or silver.

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